Warmth in school

“I’m not going to deduct any money from your card because you have waited for a long time,” the librarian staff said.

I can only nod and smile, beaming from the kindness that warms up my heart.

In the university library, I collected my printing, free of charge, and left. There had been technical issues for over an hour.

I have waited for over an hour, delaying my so precious time that I could have used to do assignments. Inside, I felt frustrated, but the staff was so helpful, trying to make the broken printers work, that I would feel bad for lashing out at them.


I went into my PR class for the first time.

When i first entered, i gasped.

Almost all the girls were white, not a single Asian, and all of them looked so darn good. They looked fit, right out from the gym, all decked in active wear and everyone seems to know each other. They chatted loudly, answered questions, and freely expressed their opinions during discussion. They awed me, but they also intimidated me.

My self esteem flies out of the window every Monday hahahhaa.

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