30 April 2018: Very heartwarming day.

The day began with a huge surprise. Woke up to a huge parcel delivered all the way from Singapore, by dearest Zaf.

Went to school, my presentation went smoothly. Also received results from my previous assignments, with teachers’ comments saying I did really well. One of them even wanted to publish my assignment as a class example.

I am proud that I have come so far. Thinking back, when I was at crossroads, I would be a very different person if I had taken the other step in the other direction. A decision that would affect my life significantly.

After school I went to my new place to sign the contracts. I am thankful that God has blessed me with a new place as gorgeous as this but that will be a story for another time.

When I returned home, I had cooked dinner and left a huge pile of dishes to be washed and cleaned after. I was feeling tired, so I left it there at the sink and went to bathe afterwards, thinking that I would do the dishes before I sleep.

soon after my housemates and their friends came home. i dreaded that because they always made a fuss when they do. True enough, they sat at the table where I was sitting, and started playing games. They got noisier and noisier, not only disturbing my studies but I also felt terrible inside, because I was battling loneliness and homesickness. Amidst their conversations, I heard my housemate’s boyfriend mention something about the dishes. I paid no attention to it, because I felt like I was on the outside looking in.

Just after they left, I went back to the sink. All my dirty dishes were gone. Everything has been cleaned up and put into its rightful place. I guess it was my housemate’s boyfriend who did it. He’s just a guest, and yet bothered to clean my dirty dishes. A warm feeling crept up my heart, along with a piece of home.

When you’re living alone, you have the craziest situations that allows you to be tested for your kindness. You also have the smallest situations that allows you to appreciate home. Home is not a place, it may be a person, but it is definitely a feeling. Good news is, we all have the potential to give it to everyone.

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