The imitation game

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I honestly love this film so much after watching it, and it’s not even because this is my favorite era to live in. Besides the era, it’s also one of my favourite genres—war. Well, these are just one of the bonus reasons!


I can’t believe I took so long just to watch The Imitation Game. I was made aware of the existence of this film in 2015, yet only came to watch it this year. I remembered it was nominated for numerous Oscars, and Benedict Cumberbatch too, who plays Alan Turing.


Yet another wildly arrogant, highly intellectual character who isn’t fit for human company. A particular detective, a surgeon…this time a mathematician. Oh, Benedict…

And also. This character doesn’t eat too!!! Always so engrossed in his work hahha. Sherlock doesn’t eat as well. And why is that these characters he plays always have trouble communicating with others?!?!?! ALL of these characters are narcissistic too. The similar pattern in the characters are so amusing

Oh and this is also my first Keira Knightly film!
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I think I was too busy noticing the differences between Alan Turing and Sherlock (both characters which Benedict played) throughout the film! But I can see why my friends love this film though. It’s suspenseful, but knowing that it’s a true story also breaks me a little, because of the lack of recognition Alan received. Breaking Enigma was his heart and soul, yet sadly, he’s one of the heroes that didn’t live to see his own glory. I would die really if I were put in his shoes, imagine pouring your heart and soul into a project that is only meant to be kept secret in the end and knowing all the peace that is out there which cannot be enjoyed without your work. Knowing that you have the ability to control other people’s fate, yet cannot breathe a word about it until you hit your grave.

I also especially love the love story between him and Joan Elisabeth. I thought it was just a cheesy love story added in a subplot, but turns out it’s a true story too! My favourite scene was when Alan proposed to her hahha. And the last scene when she was comforting him really broke my heart.

“Sometimes its the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine.”


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