The land of Shakespeare

I am writing this from the London Heathrow airport, and I am alone. I have about approx a few hours to go before assembling with the rest of my friends and making my way to my school in another city, but within England. So I thought I’ll write. In fact, I’ll try as much as possible to capture the memories of my exchange experience in this blog, and I hope these precious moments might be remembered forever.


I flew here by Singapore Airlines. There’s always something about flying Singapore air that comforts me, maybe because it feels like home. I have truly forgotten how awesome the service, food, and everything is. (literally live for the warm hot towels and blankets!!) I sat beside two elderly men on both of my flights—the one from Sydney to Singapore and Singapore to London. I have always loved long haul flights, because they gave me the time to think and clear my head and read and in this case, watch plenty of movies. I watched Call me By your Name and The Greatest Showman. Then I dozed on and off throughout. I could never sleep in planes, I don’t know why. Glancing around, I gauged that only 5% of the plane’s passengers were Asians/Singaporeans, and I don’t know why but as an international student it still makes me nervous. Me going into a foreign country with foreign people, although they seem nice.

During landing, I was shivering with excitement. I peeked out of the window, a ray of sunlight shone through, and as the plane maneuvered its way above the clouds, the European sunlight began to pour through. I smiled. The first beam I saw in Europe.

I have never been to Europe before. I’ve lived my whole life desiring to set foot in this soil. My mind has conjured up too many versions of my experience in the London Eye, Oxford street and the London bridge over the past years, it’s difficult for me to feel I’m actually here. I feel so strange, it feels surreal. I had never thought this day would come. Coming to the UK is my absolute dream come true. The land of Sherlock, Shakespeare, the hometown of my favourite British actors, ahhhh!!!!!


ps/ I am so nervous right now, I can barely breathe.


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