Passion and Fire

“Hear this, young men and women everywhere, and proclaim it far and wide. The earth is yours and the fullness thereof. Be kind, but be fierce. You are needed now more than ever before. Take up the mantle of change. For this is your time.”
—Sir Winston Churchill

Speaks to me a lot, because I know I have a vision, perhaps even a global revival for the youths of today. I can be kind and fierce… the question is, is this my time?

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 1.32.09 am

When we are young, we are filled with all energy and hope and passion and fire.

I was watching this documentary on American rappers in the music industry and they say we creators, us, we have to keep feeling and keep owning this fire; and implement our passion with discipline and consistency, because if we don’t it’s going to fizzle.

I hope mine never runs out.

I know in the creative industry, in the business of blogging, youtube and content creation, we have to market ourselves. This female rapper, Awkwafina, was talking about how she thinks she probably couldn’t be marketed without her music (her niche). I think so, for me, too. I have to have something that complements me…a kind of craft, a skill I can hone. Asian female, I am short, petite, normal looking, nobody would notice me. Some people (like celebrities and fashion models) can be marketed as themselves, as it is, as their personalities; but I don’t think I can be marketed like that. The thing is I am still not sure about my niche: is it art? Is it design? Is it in my writing? Or my video editing? Or photography? On top of all these, I still have so many things I’m interested in like acting, modelling, singing. Even though I have 0 experience in those. I have to find and market my niche.

My friends and I were talking about YouTube (the Asian Hollywood lol) yesterday and how it’s so oversaturated, that in order to really stand out, we have to be smashing original. Thinking about this repulses me, but it does not quench my drive for innovation. It just quenches my interest in YouTube. I DO NOT wish to be a social media influencer or a YouTuber, but I just enjoy creating videos. How does it make sense?? HAHHA. I have to be original and innovative.

Growing up, I am taught by my mother that Asians have no place in Hollywood, or in any creative industry for that matter. When I wanted to venture into the international market, my mum and others would tell me that as an Asian, I would always be treated with inferiority. It only has been in the recent year that I studied more on race, gender and culture in University; and I think the world is changing to become more inclusive, so I refuse to be defined by race or gender. I am still working on my insecurities though: my Singaporean accent. Not so much because I’m not proud of my culture, but because people have such a hard time understanding me when I speak Singlish. I feel embarrassed, and even though I have successfully shaken off most of my Singlish accent, learning how to speak in standard English; there is still this nagging doubt: If I wanted an acting career, would they accept the way I speak? If I wanted to have my own talk show or go into public speaking, would people recognise the way I speak? Would international employers want me to go into news reporting, for example? Race and gender is a barrier that the world is slowly overcoming, but what about accents? I want my face to get out there and I want to represent the weak, to give a voice to the silent, to inspire. I have to be comfortable in my own skin.


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